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Beginning Blacksmithing: One Mississippi Journeyman's View Bob Heath

S&H $5.00

This book has drawn great praise from the public and also from master smiths such as Uri Hofi. It is a real whopping treatment of the Blacksmith's Craft in 430(!!) pages jam-packed with useful information. This book; among many other things; gives a lucid account of how to forge weld; has the plans to make several sizes of leather bellows; has scientific specifics of what happens to iron when it is heated in a blacksmith's forge; presents some of the basic physics with force and acceleration formulas that come into effect when a blacksmith swings his hammer; what happens when steel is heated; quenched to harden; and reheated to draw the temper in steel. Young's modulus is presented as is Poisson's ratio when iron is heated and hammered. An explanation of the electrical polarity of iron atoms is given along with the effect forging iron has on the lattice structure of iron molecules and dendritic grain arrangements in a forged iron. Why forged steel is much stronger than cast steel is given. An example of an "S" curve is presented of the quenching process. Forging Damascus knives and swords is presented. How to sharpen a plow point is given - and much more. Bob Heath has been practicing his craft for decades and you'll be glad you shelled out a few dollars for the advice and information Bob has collected over all these years.

Beginning metalworking; Blacksmithing; Forges; Metal working; Metallurgy

Publisher Heath Iron. 1998.

Tuning the Sanda Gas Forge Robb Gunter

S&H $3.00

VHS, other; Forges; Gas-burners

Publisher .

Plans for the Recuperative Gas Forge Rob Gunter, et al

S&H $1.50

Pamphlet; Forges; Gas-burners

Publisher .