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Dekorative Turen: Einzelanfertigungen U. Sonderkonstruktionen In Metall; Glas U. Holz (German Edition) Gretl Hoffmann

S&H $5.00

Every door is at once a boundary; shutting off one area from another; and also a bond between the inside and the outside. Thoroughout the ages entrance doors to buildings have always had to be exceptionally robust. Batten construction conferred on them the necessary strength; but it also provided interesting scope for decoration. Signs and symbols already appeared centuries ago to furnish an indication of what lay behind the door. Ornamentation of doors in modern times is a special feature of church architecture. In the realm of the sacred; the door has a special roleas a threshold to the world beyond. In the secular field too however; the plain; flush door or the single metal-glass system are giving way to livelier and more original designs. Individually created doors are increasingly found beside the anonymous factory product. Now we are beginning to experiment with the structure and aesthetic appearance of interior doors in buildings as well. This book is filled with black and white and color photographs of door systems. Many styles and mediums are represented. Captions are in German and English.

Architectural ironwork; Architectural ironwork - Themes; motives; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational

Publisher Hoffmann. 1977. 144 pages

Ornamental Ironwork: An Illustrated Guide To Its Design; History And Use In American Architecture Susan Southworth; Michael Southworth

S&H $5.00

Architectural cast and wrought ironwork has served as an important form of ornamentation for hundreds of years; and its use is notable in several geographic areas and historical periods of American architecture. This reissue of a classic treatise on the history and technology of architectural ironwork brings to the modern architect a clearer understanding of the myriad forms and uses to which ironwork has been put. In addition; this handy book is full of practical techniques for restoring and preserving ornamental ironwork. Also shown are many of the traditional patterns and design motifs; which can be used as tracings for contemporary design.

Architectural ironwork - History; Architectural ironwork - Themes; motives

Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing. 1991. 224 pages

1001 Scrolls; Ornaments And Borders: Ready-To-Use Illustrations For Decoupage And Other Crafts (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) Eleanor Hasbrouck Rawlings; Dover Publications; Rawlings; Eleanor Hasbrouck

S&H $5.00

Over 1000 attractive and usable designs printed on one side of a page only include Baroque; Rococo; Victorian; more. Illustrations of corners; scrolls; cornucopia; chinoiserie; festoons; ribbons; much more. Designs are repeated with flopped copies so entire project can be completed. 60 plates.

Decoration and ornament - Themes; motives; Decoupage

Publisher Dover Publications. 1979. 128 pages