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How To Sell What You Make: The Business Of Marketing Crafts Paul Gerhards

S&H $5.00

This revised and expanded edition of the classic text on marketing crafts is packed with priceless information that will show you what it takes to be a success: pointers on setting up your business; strategies for selling at fairs; galleries; and trade shows; approaches to competitive pricing; tips on show preparation; exhibiting; and what buyers want; new information on using computers for bookkeeping.

Fairs - Handbooks; manuals; Handicraft - Marketing; Selling - Handicraft

Publisher Stackpole Books. 1990. 154 pages

The Colouring; Bronzing And Patination Of Metals Richard Hughes; Michael Rowe

S&H $5.00

The techniques of metal colouring; bronzing and patination are assuming a new importance in contemporary fine metalwork and design. Richard Hughes and Michael Rowe have assembled and tested the recipes in this book; which is the most comprehensive work on the subject currently available; an essential reference and sourcebook for practitioners and all those involved in sculpture; architecture; design; and the decorative arts. It brings together hundreds of recipes and treatments previously scattered in a variety of old books and technical papers; and provides the artist-craftsman with a very wide range of coloured finishes.

Bronzing - Handbooks; manuals; Metals - Coloring - Handbooks; manuals;

Publisher Watson-Guptill. 1991. 372 pages