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Kunst Aus Dem Feuer: Sechzehn Kunstschmiede Aus Sieben Landern = Art From The Fire Hoffmann; Gretl

S&H $5.00

In this book we introduce sixteen blacksmiths; each of whom has a special and distinct style. Some are young men; others experienced artisans. Most of their workshops are small; some men intentionally work on their own; so that literally everything is under their control. Featured blacksmiths: Manfred + German Bergmeister; Terrence Clark; Alan Evans; Christoph Friedrich; Dimitri Gerakaris; Hermann Gradinger; James Horrobin; Takayoshi Komine; Serge Marchal; Paul Nagel; Albert Paley; Antony Robinson; Paul Zimmermann. German and English.

Architectural ironwork - History; Ironwork - History; Wrought-iron - History

Publisher J. Hoffmann. 1987. 143 pages

Decorative Ironwork: Design/Technique Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas

S&H $5.00

Decorative Ironwork is intended for the blacksmith who has mastered basic techniques and is ready to specialize and design his own work. This work presents discussions of seven grilles; each incorporating a different repeating design. By studying the designs and techniques used in their construction; the craftsman will gain a broader understanding of design and of certain advanced methodologies. Discussed for each grille are notable features of its design; suggestions for adaptation and experimentation; and how the design fits into the history of decorative ironwork. The step-by-step creation of the piece is then explained in detail through sequential photographs and accompanying text. COSIRA; the Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas; provides training for craft workshops in the United Kingdom.

Architectural ironwork - History; Ironwork - History; Wrought-iron - History

Publisher MacMillan Publishing Company. 1987. 79 pages

Schmiedearbeiten Von Heute: Gelander; Turen; Fenstergitter; Schriften; Tore; Grabzeichen Hoffmann; Gretl; Maurach; Ju¨rgen

S&H $5.00

In this book we investigate contemporary forms and their development; since we believe that every epoch should seek relevant expressions of itself. There are; of course; plenty of examples which demonstrate that pieces of work created unequivocally in the spirit of our own age may be admirable combined with older buildings of quality. We need not shy away from comparisons with the past. Filled cover to cover with black and white photos of architectural metalwork. Captions in both English and German.

Architectural ironwork - History; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Ironwork - History; Wrought-iron - History

Publisher J. Hoffmann. 1986. 159 pages

Wrought Ironwork Rural Development Commission

S&H $5.00

The first part of the book describes the making of the most common decorative features such as scrolls; water leaves; wavy bars and twists. The difficult acanthus leaves and embossed work are not included in the present volume. Part 2 describes step by step the making and assembly of a gate; which includes the same techniques as are used in all traditional decorative ironwork such as grilles; brackets and hearth furniture. The final chapter discusses the problems of painting and rust proofing. A knowledge of basic smithing techniques has been assumed throughout; and only those tools peculiar to decorative ironwork are mentioned.

Architectural ironwork - History; Ironwork - History; Wrought-iron - History

Publisher . 97 pages

Wrought Iron In Architecture: An Illustrated Survey Gerald K. Geerlings

S&H $5.00

This exceptional volume documents the many uses of wrought iron in architecture from the fourteenth century through the twentieth. 380 illustrations show gates; railings; screens; lighting fixtures; bannisters; balconies; and much else. Includes examples from Italy; Spain; England; Germany; France; Belgium; Holland; America. Indispensable Sourcebook. Introduction.

Reprint. Originally published: New York : Scribner; 1929.

Architectural ironwork; Decoration and ornament; Architectural; Wrought-iron

Publisher Dover Publications. 1984. 202 pages

The Smithy's Craft & Tools (Werk Und Werkzeug Des Kunstschmieds) Otto Schmirler

S&H $5.00

This is a how-to style book for ornamental ironworkers. It is printed in three languages; German; English; French. It is one of the most wonderfully illustrated books; loaded with hundreds of pictures and wonderful water color drawings on blacksmithing and blacksmiths tools. Schmirler uses these illustrations to produce fantastically clear images of many specialized and rarely seen tools and how to use them. Also shown is a large variety of work used in wrought iron gates; railings; hardware; lanterns; grills; and other items. This book contains a vast amount of ideas and methods that blacksmiths of any skill level from will find useful. Otto Schmirler wrote; "...I decided upon watercolor or black-and-white illustrations that are especially easy to understand and remember; in order to avoid long written explanations." He does this so easily; each page has up to twelve illustrations making some of the most complicated processes look easy.

Blacksmithing training and techniques; Wrought-iron

Publisher Wasmuth. 1981. 128 pages

Italian Wrought Iron Beds And Bedroom Accessories (Il Letto E Dintorni) Ciscato; Giuseppe

S&H $5.00

Acclaim for ' Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories': "A collection like no other. It will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith. This volume brings to light furnishing objects produced with perfect techniques and refined and elegant designs; which leads us to think that the art of wrought iron is even more alive than before." - The Anvil's Ring. "A wonderful source of ideas for designer; decorator and smith.It was very difficult to select the images for this review. All the work is beautiful and it is impossible to decide what is best". - AnvilFire Assembled by Giuseppe Ciscato; known to Mediterranean artisans as "the chronicler of Italian masters of wrought iron;" this is a detailed and passionate survey dedicated to the theme of wrought iron beds and bedroom furnishings. Not content to offer a panoramic overview of handcrafted Italian wrought iron beds; Ciscato has a compiled a veritable treasure-trove of hundreds of photos of functional and beautiful bedroom accessories. From the simple and elegant to the fabulously ornate; these items are featured in no other book -- not even the author's comprehensive; highly esteemed 'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron (I Maestri Italiani del Ferro battuto)'! A stunning array of lamps; chairs; mirrors; bedstands; footstools; coat racks; and curtain rods adorn these pages; as well as adventurous and highly skilled forays into sometimes quite colorful metal sculpture. Undoubtedly they will serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith.

Bedroom furniture - History - Catalogs; Beds - History - Catalogs; Wrought-iron furniture - History - Catalogs

Publisher Alinea Editrice. 2000. 229 pages