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Wheelmaking: Wooden Wheel Design And Construction Pa.) Carriage Museum of America (Bird-in-Hand

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The last half of the 19th century marked a huge transition in the manufacture of wheels-from individual wheelwrighting to industrial wheelmaking. This book is a compilation of articles on wheelmaking taken from late 19th century journals published in America for the carriage industry. The articles are divided into ten sections: the first is a long overview of wheelmaking technologies of the time; followed by sections on the dishing of wheels; hubs; spokes; felloes and rims; tires; rubber tires; patent wheels; and wheel repair. Taken together; they give the reader a full understanding of the fast-moving changes that were taking place in the wheelmaking industry. This is a fascinating book; full of detailed information valuable both to the general reader and to the practicing wheelwright.

Wagons - Wheels; Wheels - Design and construction

Publisher Astragal Pr. 1996. 248 pages