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Conestoga Wagon - Masterpiece Of The Blacksmith Arthur L. Reist

S&H $5.00

A fascinating account of the Conestoga Wagon regarding its origins; where and how it was used; and a general introduction into the construction techniques that endowed the Conestoga with its dependable qualities.

Wagons - Wheels

Publisher Forry and Hacker; Lancaster; Pa. 1975. 50 pages

A Historical Guide To Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies Towana -- (editor) Spivey

S&H $5.00

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and if that is so; then desperation certainly fathered this reprint of the 1909 hardware catalogue from the George Worthington Company of Cleveland; Ohio. While struggling recently to identify bits and pieces of wagon hardware recovered from the archaeological investigations of several historic sites; it became painfully apparent that there were not adequate references on this subject currently available. Old hardware catalogues from the horse and wagon era are very scarce and unfortunately; those "old timers" with first-hand wagon and blacksmith experience are not always readily accessible to the researcher. This endeavor is aimed at filling a need that exists within admittedly limited spheres of research; chiefly for the identification of archaeological or museum specimens; and secondly; to e utilized by those involved in wagon restorations or blacksmith activities.

Wagons - Wheels

Publisher Museum of the Great Plains. 1979. 202 pages

Wheelmaking: Wooden Wheel Design And Construction Pa.) Carriage Museum of America (Bird-in-Hand

S&H $5.00

The last half of the 19th century marked a huge transition in the manufacture of wheels-from individual wheelwrighting to industrial wheelmaking. This book is a compilation of articles on wheelmaking taken from late 19th century journals published in America for the carriage industry. The articles are divided into ten sections: the first is a long overview of wheelmaking technologies of the time; followed by sections on the dishing of wheels; hubs; spokes; felloes and rims; tires; rubber tires; patent wheels; and wheel repair. Taken together; they give the reader a full understanding of the fast-moving changes that were taking place in the wheelmaking industry. This is a fascinating book; full of detailed information valuable both to the general reader and to the practicing wheelwright.

Wagons - Wheels; Wheels - Design and construction

Publisher Astragal Pr. 1996. 248 pages