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Tool making and equipment building

The Little Giant Powerhammer: Rebuilding; Use; History Richard R Kern

S&H $5.00

This book is about rebuilding the Little Giant hammer and learning about the company that built them; but many of the methods are directly applicable to other hammers. This book can be read for information; entertainment or as a manual to rebuilding. If you choose the latter course; then it is assumed that you have access to at least some of the tools described and have acquired the necessary welding or machining skills - or know a friend with them.

Two copies are in the collection.

Power hammers; Tool making and equipment building

Publisher H&K Pub. 1992. 300 pages

Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated J.W. Lillico

S&H $5.00

In a sentence; the author has endeavoured to show; by illustrations and text matter; how to obtain the length of material for a job; the tools required; and the operations necessary to complete the job in the most expeditious manner. This book is especially helpful for power hammer tooling and work.

Blacksmithing; Blacksmithing training and techniques; Power hammers; Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Countryside Agency. 1991. 208 pages

How To Build A Forge David Wimberley

S&H $5.00

A forge is simply a small coal furnace with a forced air blast. The particular design presented here; however; can also be seen as a small free-standing fireplace. The reason the forge presented in these pages is designed as a fireplace is that; especially for the home craftsman; it is desirable to keep fumes from the forge from being distributed throughout the shop. Thus; a hood is fitted with a relatively small opening so that the draft of the chimney pulls all of the fumes out of the shop area. This particular forge is very easy to make. The most difficult tool required is a circular saw fitted with a metal-cutting abrasive blade. No welding is required; although if you have a welder; you will find welds are more convenient and sturdy than nuts and bolts.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Lindsay Publications. 1988. 15 pages

How To Make A Blacksmith's Bellows Robert M. Heath

S&H $5.00

Provides instructions to make a blacksmith's bellows; based on and/or patterned after a bellows belonging to the Agricultural & Forestry Museum in Jackson; Mississippi.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Self Published. 1985. 26 pages

Practical Blacksmithing: 4 Volumes

S&H $5.00

M.T. Richardson's four classic books on blacksmithing are back in print in two; easy to handle volumes. Together; these books provide an invaluable basic resource for the modern day practitioner of this ancient craft. The carriage owner or restorer can; with Richardson's help; understand how pieces were originally made and fitted together; and how they can be replicated today. The tool user and collector will relish the discovery of old tools and equipment; some no longer available commercially or even in current use. Historians and Americana enthusiasts will be able to glimpse the past with a better understanding of the mindset and aesthetics of an earlier time. And the blacksmith; through Richardson's emphasis on technique and craftsmanship; and his straightforward prose and illustrations; will be better able to understand smithing's central processes.

Part One (Volumes I and II) begins with an account of the tools and equipment of blacksmithing and continues with shop plans; diagrams demonstrating various smithing techniques; and discussions of iron and steel. Finally; there are the detailed; yet simple; practical descriptions of smithing's central processes; including drilling; fullering and swaging. 528 pages. Fully illustrated. 6" x 9". Soft cover.

Blacksmithing; Tool making and equipment building; Tools

Publisher Gramercy. 1987. 1061 pages

The Village Blacksmith Aldren Auld Watson

S&H $5.00

This books contains an historically accurate picture of the late-nineteenth-century New England smith; who daily performed the miracle of transforming lumps of red-hot iron into objects of utilitarian function. The many details of the blacksmtih's life and trade - his duties; his social position; the specific operations he performed at the anvil - are brought into sharp focus as the blacksmith's legend is turned into fact. The author supplies detailed information for planning the layout of a "Village Blacksmith Shop;" constructing a forge with its hearth; firepot; and chimney; and for building a "leather lung" bellows.

Blacksmithing - History; Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Thomas Y. Crowell. 1977. 171 pages

The Making Of Tools Weygers; Alexander G. Weygers

S&H $5.00

This book teaches the artist and craftsman how to make his own tools: how to design; sharpen; and temper them; using only basic shop equipment and scrap steel. The guidelines offered in this book are identical to the information and explanations given by the author in his teaching. Beautiful; clear drawings are "picture translations" of his personal demonstrations; showing the step-by-step progression from the raw material to the finished product - the handmade tool. With this book; artists and craftsmen need no longer experience the frustration of being unable to find a tool made specifically for their own need. They can learn the almost lost skills that before enabled people to make for themselves whatever tool they needed; and they can feel the same pride in this accomplishment. Contents include: A Beginner's Workshop Tempering Steel Making the First Tool - A Screw Driver Making a Cold Chisel and Other Simple Tools Making Stonecarving Tools Sharpening Tools Making Carpenters' Chisels Making Cutting Tools Eyebolts and Hooks Making Too Handles Making Hammers Making Woodcarving Gouges Making a Seating Cutter and Hinge Joints Making Tinsnips Making Wire and Nail Cutters Making Large Shears Making Pliers Applying Color Patina to Steel Surfaces

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Van Nostrand Reinhold Company. 1973. 93 pages

The Modern Blacksmith Alexander Weygers

S&H $5.00

The modern blacksmith must learn to do by himself what the old-time blacksmith and his helper did as a trade. It is this that Alexander Weygers teaches here: how to use the basic techniques and tools available and resort to whatever can be invented; improvised; and constructed to make "things" out of "nothing." The 600 illustrations represent; as nearly as possible; live demonstrations in the shop. They are intended to show how something can be done: not the only way; but on of many possible ways. Above and beyond showing how; the why is stressed as of overriding importance.

Beginning metalworking; Blacksmithing; Blacksmithing projects; Blacksmithing training and techniques; Metal working; Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Van Nostrand Reinhold. 1974. 144 pages

Recycling Use And Repair Of Tools Alexander G. Weygers

S&H $5.00

Here is another extraordinary guide to useful blacksmith and machine-shop work for craftsmen by the author of The Making of Tools and The Modern Blacksmith. Stressing the creative reuse of old materials; this invaluable book provides a wealth of easy-to-follow procedures for making; repairing; and maintaining a great variety of equipment and parts; from shovels and chisels to washers and bearings. More than 600 clear drawings are "picture translations" of Weygers' workshop demonstrations of his techniques; and show the step-by-step development of each project from start to finish.

Metal working; Tool making and equipment building; Woodwork

Publisher Van Nostrand Reinhold (Trade). 1978. 117 pages

Chasing: Ancient Metalworking Technique With Modern Applications Marcia Lewis

S&H $5.00

Author's quote: "I intend this book to concentrate on chasing and related techniques and act as a compendium of information non-reading students can learn enough from visually to be able to achieve their desired results. By bringing in the work of four artists; I hope to motivate students to read and thereby gather many more helpful hints and suggestions that will make their efforts just that much more rewarding."

Chasing (Metalwork); Tool making and equipment building

Publisher LarMar Productions. 1994. 72 pages

How To Build A Blacksmith Firepot Don Meador

S&H $5.00

Build a moveable furnace on legs traditionally used by farriers. But you could use it as a small forge; heat treating; etc. 8 1/2 x 11; 36 pages. With simple tools you can build a fire pot 7 1/2" square internally and 4 3/4" deep; blown by a shop vac (here; at least). You can fire it with grocery store charcoal; coal; or even coke. Simple; but useful project. Detailed instructions and many drawings. Good information.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Don Meador. 2000. 36 pages

Decorative And Sculptural Ironwork: Tools; Techniques; Inspiration (Schiffer Book For Collectors) Dona Z. Meilach; Dona Meilach; Mel Meilach

S&H $5.00

With the help of this unique book; all the fascinating properties of iron and other metals can be creatively explored. 52 color plates and 717 b/w photos and drawings present the ideas and examples visually. After a short history of ironwork; the author discusses the ironworking shop; forge and tools; including anvils; vises; hammers; tongs; punches; centrifugal blowers and machine tools. She presents information on building; lighting; and maintaining a fire. Forging procedures are explicitly shown: drawing out; flattening; bending; upsetting; twisting; splitting; punching and drifting; hot cutting on a hardy; and joining and finishing techniques.

Page 2 of cover contains last page of index.

Blacksmithing; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Ironwork; Metal sculpture; Tool making and equipment building; Tools - history

Publisher Schiffer Publishing. 1999. 312 pages

Basic Blacksmithing: An Introduction To Toolmaking David Harries; Bernhard Heer

S&H $5.00

Starting with only an anvil and a few basic tools; almost all the tools needed by a blacksmith can be made from commonly found materials. With clear instructions this book gives step by step instructions on basic blacksmithing.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Practical Action. 1993. 160 pages

Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press Batson; James L.

S&H $5.00

This book will show you how to design and build your own Hydraulic Forging Press. A section is included which will enable you to alter a Log Splitter for use as a Forging Press. This book will improve your knowledge of structures; hydraulics; and will describe the relationships of horsepower; oil flow; cylinder speed and force. It will also help you to correctly match your hydraulic components; and offer ideas and products you may use in constructing a unity of your own design. This book and drawings are designed to help you build your own 24 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press. A two horsepower 220 volt single phase motor running at 1725 RPM powers a 5.5 gallon per minute "Hi-Lo" hydraulic pump. Ram force of 24 tons is applied by a 5" diameter double acting hydraulic cylinder at 2500 psi pressure. The movement of the ram die is controlled by a 4 way; 3 position hydraulic valve. The length of the ram stroke is 8". The maximum speed of the ram is 1.1 inches per second. The ram speed can be doubled by using a 5 horsepower electric motor running at 3600 RPM. Two copies in the collection

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Batson Engineering & Metalworks. 1994. 46 pages

Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces For The Small Foundry Stephen D. Chastain; Steve Chastain

S&H $5.00

This 128 page book is a treasure trove for the amateur foundryman. It is absolutely packed with accurate information. Steve Chastain has written a modern; comprehensive "how to" guide on the construction and operation of small cupola furnaces. The chapters include: 1) Cupola theory and design considerations 2) Building a 10 inch cupola 3) Cupola operation 4) Air supply and blowers 5) Designing centrifugal fans 6) Construction of centrifugal fans 7) Construction of a Pitot tube and manometer 8) Calculation of Air Flow 9) Additional Cupolas based on the 15 inch shell 10) Oxygen enrichment 11) Purchase of Coke 12) Conclusion Appendix: Suppliers Airflow through pipe

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Stephen D. Chastain. 2000. 128 pages

Pressworking Of Metals: A Reference Book Illustrating And Describing Practical Application Of The Principles Used In The Design Of Punches And Dies C. W Hinman; C W Hinman

S&H $5.00

A reference book illustrating and describing practical applications of the principles used in the design of punches and dies. Contents include: Types of Presses and Their Selection (Foot presses; Bench presses; Inclinable presses; Open-back gap presses; and many more); Stamping and Forming Mild Steels; Stamping and Forming Nonferrous Metals; Pressworking Nonmetallic Materials; Blanking and Cutting Dies; Bending; Forming; Embossing; and Folding; Coining; Swaging; Cold Sizing; and Extruding; Drawing Dies; and much more. Many illustrations.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Lindsay Publications. 1995. 443 pages

Dies Joseph V. Woodworth

S&H $5.00

Original copyright date - 1902 "In writing this book the author has done so with the purpose of giving to practical men a book which would treat these pre-eminent factors in modern manufacturing - Dies - as they should be treated; and that is; from the viewpoint of a practical man. In the pages are shown engravings of dies; press fixtures and sheet-metal working devices; from the simplest to the most intricate in modern use; and the author has endeavored to describe their construction and use in a clear; practical manner; so that all grades of metal working mechanics will be able to understand thoroughly how to design; construct and use them; for the production of the marvelous variety of sheet metal articles and parts which are now in general use; and form an integral part of our twentieth century civilization."

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Lindsay Publications; Incorporated. 1985.

Heat Treatment; Selection; And Application Of Tool Steels Bill Bryson

S&H $5.00

In a few short years; this has become the established reference for tool makers; heat treaters; and engineers seeking step-by-step "recipes" for properly heat treating a wide range of tool steels; plus practical information about machinability; shock resistance; wear; and extending tool life. Now the completely revised and expanded second edition is available. It has been extensively updated and includes the following significant new additions: an entirely new chapter on the popular powdered tool steel CPM 10V; a new section on carburizing thoroughly describes the process and its benefits; the section on cryogenics treatment has been completely rewritten to describe the theory and process; and a comprehensive glossary of related terms has been added. As in the first edition; valuable tables of properties; attributed; qualities; and shortcomings of popular tool steels are also included.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Hanser Gardner Publications. 1997. 198 pages

Metal Working A Book Of Tools And Processes Hasluck Paul N

S&H $5.00

Reprint of the 1907 original. The scope of this book embraces practically the whole art of working metals with hand tools and with such simple machine tools as the small engineering shop usually contains. The tool outfit of the average metalworker does not generally include anything more ambitious than a lathe with or without slide-rest; overhead motion; etc. and it is with this limitation in mind that the whole of the contents of this book have been prepared. Even withing such limits; the scope is extensive; and has been made to include a large and pleasing variety of work. Nearly every aspect of metalworking of every sort is covered in great detail in this comprehensive reference; as are the tools used in those trades. A wide range of subjects are brought more clearly into focus thanks to Hasluck's well written explication and a series of period line drawings. See "Notes" below for contents description.

Contents include: Foundry work; Smiths' work; Surfacing metals; Polishing Metals: The machines and processes; Annealing; hardening; and tempering; Drilling and boring; Taps; screw-plates; and dies; Soldering; brazing and riveting; Forging iron and steel; Working sheet metal; Repousse' work; Oriental decorative brasswork; Finishing; lacquering; and colouring brass; Lathes and lathework; Spinning metals on the lathe; Tools for measuring and testing metalwork; and lots more. Many illustrations.

Metal working; Metal-work - History; Tool making and equipment building; Tools - history

Publisher Lindsay Publications Inc. 1994.

Steel Rolling Mill McDonald; Hugh

S&H $5.00

The design; building notes and operating suggestions are the result of a number of years of research and practical use by the author. I have found the machine easy and safe to use and it has provided me much pleasure and personal satisfaction. It will roll out round bar steel into whatever thickness you require for knives or tools. If the steel is tapered; like old car axle stock; the resulting flat bar will also be tapered like a sword. Hexagon or octagon tool steel such as in old crowbars rolls out into the sort of strip you would buy from a steel merchant; only cheaper. The heaviest I have rolled so far was from a crowbar 1- 1/4" thick. It took several heats to get it down to 1/4" thick and had to be cut in half when it got too long to handle. Complete and specific illustrations with notes of explanation. Click on link to read review by Jock Dempsey

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher .

Gas Burners For Forges; Furnaces; And Kilns Michael Porter

S&H $5.00

Gas Burners for Forges; Furnaces; & Kilns is a do-it-yourselfers dream book; showing beginners how to make highly efficient gas burners inexpensively. These burners use simple gas accelerators as their central operating principle. All that is needed is a $2 MIG tip and some plumbing parts. This eliminates the need for a blower to supply combustion air; allowing the burners to be built in any size. Burners are featured; which are small enough to be used for a jewelry torch or large enough to heat any ceramic kiln. Because these burners are both powerful and portable; they can be combined with low cost space age insulating materials and common containers to build light compact heating equipment. Also described is a blacksmith's forge that can be carried anywhere and stored under a workbench; a portable metal melting furnace; a portable farrier's forge; a portable glass furnace/glory hole; and a mobile hot-work station that aids in combining several crafts. The burners and equipment provide an inexpensive way to get started in blacksmithing; foundry work; ceramics; or glasswork. General information and specific designs are given; enabling the craftsperson to build equipment tailored to their own desires.

Gas-burners; Tool making and equipment building

Publisher Skipjack Press; Inc. 2004. 216 pages

Coal Forge Handbook Stephen Mcgehee

S&H $5.00

Design and construction details for permanent and portable forges along with blowers; airgates; and other useful information. Included forge designs: Robert Bourdon's Brick; Dimitri Gerakaris Concrete; Jerry Hoffmann's Fabricated; The Concrete Forge from Irony; Mother Earth News Masonry; Irony Steel Wall Mount; Portable Forge; Tai Goo's Washtub Forge; Water Tuyere & Stone Forge. Accessories: Bob Patrick's Steel Firepot; Side Draft Shelf-less Flues; Stack Construction; Draft Hood; Industrial Strength Airgate. Information: Notes on building the fire; Burning Coke; Charcoal; Grounding; Resources; Blower Speed Controls; The Thinker by Berton Braely.

Tool making and equipment building

Publisher ABANA. 2003. 41 pages