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Silversmithing (Jewelry Crafts) Rupert Finegold; William Seitz; Finegold

S&H $5.00

Discover the basics of silversmithing in this thorough guidebook. Provides you with the complete picture; including types and properties of metals; required tools; and numerous easy-to-understand techniques. Feingold and Seitz have managed to do something where other authors in the jewelry field have fallen short: they explain the details that lifelong familiarity tends to omit as obvious; or so natural as to be forgotten. The six main sections are: 1. Introduction to Silversmithing 2. Basic Treatments 3. Basic Tools and their uses 4. General Procedures 5. Special Procedures 6. Projects

A Frank E. Taylor book.


Publisher Krause Publications. 1983. 480 pages

Metalwork And Enamelling Herbert Maryon

S&H $5.00

All those concerned with goldsmithing; silversmithing; rare metal objects or metal scientific instruments; or their repair or restoration; will be delighted to find this bible of their craft available again in a new edition. Over 360 figures and photographs amplify the discussion of tools; materials and construction. Tables and standards useful to the craftsman (melting points and weights of metals; for example) are included. Notes to the photographic plates describe the objects in detail - magnificent examples of craftsmanship throughout the ages.

Art metal-work; Enamel and enameling; Goldwork; Silverwork

Publisher Dover Publications. 1971. 335 pages