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Color On Metal: 50 Artists Share Insights And Techniques Tim McCreight; Nicole Bsullak

S&H $5.00

Color on Metal presents the work and words of metal artists in love with color. In the past several years; jewelry and decorative metal objects have become emancipated from the traditional reliance on silver and gold. Not only are copper and brass now fair game for serious designers; but the beautiful rich colors of enamels and patinas; as well as recent technologies like electroplating and anodizing; have become increasingly popular.

An introductory chapter explains the different ways that metal can be colored. Four sections of striking full-color images illustrate the rich diversity of color as it is seen in contemporary work: patinas; enamels; applied color and avant-garde. For each of 50 pieces; the artists describe their personal approaches to color and process; offering insight into the creative mind.

* Stunning examples of work by top jewelers and metal artists
* Explains the techniques used; with text that is enlightening but not overly technical
* A must-have volume for artists and collectors

Includes index.

Art metal-work - History - Catalogs; Art metal-work - Technique; Polychromy - Catalogs

Publisher Guild Publishing. 2001. 126 pages