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Metal sculpture

Metallkunst Aus Der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. Eine Ausstellung Des Zentrums Für Kunstausstellungen Der Ddr. Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin; Stammer; Beatrice; Sonnenschein; Brigitte; Scharfe; Ju¨rgen

S&H $5.00

Many color and black & white plates of German sculpture. All text and captions are in German.

Metal sculpture; German - Exhibitions

Publisher Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin. 1989. 202 pages

Albert Paley Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery

S&H $5.00

Albert Paley: Sculptures; an exhibition organized by The University of the Arts; brings back Albert Paley to Philadelphia; where he was born and educated and where he attained his initial success as a prominent metalsmith. This project; which documents a significant transition in Albert Paley's celebrated career; features large-scale sculpture; models; and drawings from 1989 to 1991. Full page photos are in both black and white and color.

Art; Modern - Exhibitions; Ironwork - Pictorial works; Metal sculpture; Metal sculpture - Exhibitions

Publisher The University of the Arts Press. 1991. 40 pages

Metallgestaltung - Sakralausstattungen Klaus Pracht

S&H $5.00

Ecclesiastical interior design holds an amazing variety of uses for metallic materials. Typical examples include metal crucifixes and statues of Christ; baptismal fonts; candlesticks and candelabra; offertory boxes; chandeliers and bells. This richly illustrated book shows superb examples of these as well as grille doors; door handles; porches; grille partitions; organ galleries; etc. This book shows examples of unusual designs by representatives of a craft which not only derives its importance from the past; but is still fulfilling an important function. It also shows that today's creative metal designer need not fear comparison with the art metal worker of yesteryear. The entire book is filled with black and white photographs from cover to cover. Captions are in English; German and French.

Architectural ironwork; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Metal sculpture

Publisher Wasmuth (Ernst) Verlag;Germany. 1997. 220 pages

Life Force at the Anvil Joyce; Tom

S&H $5.00

This book depicts over 50 unique pieces of African forged metal work that was shown at the University of North Carolina during th summer of 1998. This is a well-illustrated book covering dimensions; composition and history; as well as; a listing of exhibitors represented. This exceptional exhibition had been organized by Tom Joyce; a blacksmith from Santa Fe; New Mexico. The exhibition contained 115 pieces of forged metal work from areas south of the Sahara Desert in Africa contributed by various collectors. The exhibit had been underwritten by UNCA and by ABANA. Tom Joyce says of the pieces in the exhibit: "I selected the pieces to accentuate their esthetic qualities; to appreciate them as art alone is to separate the realities they activate and the ideology of the groups they express. Most of these works stay hidden from view and symbolize ethics that their makers conceived as the mythical framework of human interaction at the beginning of time; and they instill social order and organization to this day. The complex histories that brought each into being; however; are absent when the objects are taken out of context from their place of origin. Therefore they must be viewed as parts of wholes; residing now in a space entirely unrelated to their original function."

Blacksmithing - History; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Ironwork - History; Metal sculpture; Metal sculpture - Exhibitions

Publisher University of NC at Ashville. 32 pages

Decorative And Sculptural Ironwork: Tools; Techniques; Inspiration (Schiffer Book For Collectors) Dona Z. Meilach; Dona Meilach; Mel Meilach

S&H $5.00

With the help of this unique book; all the fascinating properties of iron and other metals can be creatively explored. 52 color plates and 717 b/w photos and drawings present the ideas and examples visually. After a short history of ironwork; the author discusses the ironworking shop; forge and tools; including anvils; vises; hammers; tongs; punches; centrifugal blowers and machine tools. She presents information on building; lighting; and maintaining a fire. Forging procedures are explicitly shown: drawing out; flattening; bending; upsetting; twisting; splitting; punching and drifting; hot cutting on a hardy; and joining and finishing techniques.

Page 2 of cover contains last page of index.

Blacksmithing; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Ironwork; Metal sculpture; Tool making and equipment building; Tools - history

Publisher Schiffer Publishing. 1999. 312 pages

Creating Welded Sculpture Nathan Cabot Hale

S&H $5.00

Profusely illustrated guide; newly revised; offers detailed coverage of basic tools and techniques of welded sculpture. Abstract shapes; modeling solid figures; arc welding; large-scale welding; more. 196 illustrations.

Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Metal sculpture

Publisher Dover Publications. 1994. 208 pages

Direct Metal Sculpture Dona Z. Meilach

S&H $5.00

In the 1930s sculptors began to heat and shape metal directly and a new type of sculpture and artist emerged. This revised and expanded edition retains all the techniques and inspiration to help artists find the answers they needed for creating direct metal sculpture. New chapters update its history over the past quarter century. One new chapter explains the impact public art programs are having on culture in our cities. There are also sections on the impact of the computer on design and marketing of art. This is the latest; most complete; and practical book about an art form destined to become increasingly popular. Over 475 illustrations offer ideas; inspiration; techniques; and finished examples of art. This book is a must own for artists; craftsmen; collectors; designers; gallery owners; museum curators; and everyone interested in metal sculpture. Historical examples show where the art has been; where it is; and who is doing it.

Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Metal sculpture

Publisher Schiffer Publishing. 2000. 248 pages

Metall Design International 2001 (A Year Book Of Hephaistos) Peter Elgass

S&H $5.00

This is a yearbook featuring some of the finest professional metalsmiths of the year. The artists featured live off their work. This book has many photographs of metalwork ranging from architectural work to abstract sculptures and everything in between. "Despite most different artistic styles; there are inner common features. If this yearbook manages to communicate the common features apart from the differences; we have achieved what we wanted."

Architectural ironwork; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Metal sculpture

Publisher Verlag Hephaistos Publishing House. 2000. 232 pages

Picasso And The Age Of Iron Carmen Gimenez; Pablo Picasso; Dore Ashton; F Calvo Serraller; Gimenez; Gime´nez; Carmen

S&H $5.00

Exhibition held at Guggenheim Museum; March 19-May 16; 1993. This handsome catalogue of a recent exhibit at Manhattan's Guggenheim Museum traces a fluid exchange of ideas among five sculptors who worked in iron between the world wars. Pablo Picasso and his Catalan compatriot Julio Gonzales collaborated on daring iron sculptures between 1928 and 1931. These "drawings in space" influenced American sculptors Alexander Calder and David Smith. Calder's experiments in iron ranged from delicate linear wire pieces to large fantastic shapes; while Smith invented iconoclastic forms that carried their own story with them. Meanwhile; Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti equated sculpture with mental space in works that explored the realm of human psychology. Art historian Ashton perceptively relates the iron sculptures of these five artists to the Surrealist obsession with objects. Spanish scholar Serraller fills in the political backdrop and also links their work to the Greek myth of the celestial blacksmith; with iron as a metaphor for the union of body and spirit. Gimenez curated the exhibit.

Art; Modern - Exhibitions; Metal sculpture - Exhibitions; Modernism (Art) - Exhibitions; Sculpture; Modern - Exhibitions

Publisher Guggenheim Museum. 1993. 331 pages