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The Hammer: The King Of Tools Ron Baird; Comerford; Dan

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this book; written by two of the World's foremost experts in the field of percussion tool technology; succeeds in its avowed task of making sense of an implement that ranges from the simplicity of a stone on the end of a stick to the complexity of patented special purpose hammer that only an inventor's mother could love. Divided into two distinct sections; the book begins with a pictorial analysis of hammers of every sort; and includes photographs of mallets; double claw hammers; stoneworking hammers; tack hammers and many; many; more. The second section; and the one that will prove most worthwhile to collectors and dealers; features an index of all known hammer patents together with the original patent drawings as submitted to the U.S. Patent Office. Included are patents for hammers for the one-armed man; nail holding hammers; double claw hammers; combination tools of every sort (including a hammer/wrench combination that is an insult to the integrity of each of its components) and much more. If you have an interest in tools; "The Hammer" will open the Door of Discovery to an interesting and infinitely variable world. An essential reference. The purpose of this book is to identify and classify the great variety of hammers that have been developed; adapted; invented; or simply evolved through the centuries; and to pay homage to those ingenious individuals whose creative minds conceived and whose talented hands fashioned those hammers which appear within these pages. It is our hope that after studying the hammer photographs and patents in this book and appreciating their diversity; the reader will have no doubt that the hammer is indeed the King of Tools.

Hammers; Tools - history

Publisher Baird and Comerford. 1989. 352 pages