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Finishes and patinas

The Complete Metal Finishing Book Harold Hoffman

S&H $5.00

The purpose of this book is to compile as complete a list as possible of instructions for the different metal finishing operations the normal craftsman or shop will use. Though these instructios are primarily firearm related; they do apply to all other types of metal finishing operations.

Finishes and patinas

Publisher H & P Pub. 1992. 364 pages

Gold Leaf Techniques Kent H. Smith

S&H $5.00

The guidebook that has taught thousands has been updated with new materials; techniques and a full-color gallery of gold leaf signs. The fourth edition of the original gilder's bible by Raymond LeBlanc still details the art of gilding with step-by-step instructions and more than 170 illustrations; covering both the basics of handling gold leaf as well as advanced techniques and applications. It explains the basic procedures for creating gold leaf window signs; from layout; pounce patterns and gilding; to backing up; finishing and varnishing. Antique effects; common gilding problems; their causes; prevention and solutions are also included.

Finishes and patinas

Publisher ST Media Group International Inc. 1998. 160 pages

Contemporary Patination Ron Young

S&H $5.00

Contents include: The Coloring of Bronze - a brief history; Patina Formulas Used in the Book; Metals Used in this Book; Safety in Patining; Copper Alloys; Surface Preparation; Patina Methods - Basic Techniques; Hot Patinas; Cold Patinas; Protecting the Patina; Coloring and Pigment; Removing a Patina

Finishes and patinas

Publisher Sculpt-Nouveau. 1997. 286 pages

Patinas for Small Studios C. Lewton-Brain

S&H $1.50

Pamphlet; Finishes and patinas

Publisher .