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Decoration and ornament

Wrought Iron In Architecture: An Illustrated Survey Gerald K. Geerlings

S&H $5.00

This exceptional volume documents the many uses of wrought iron in architecture from the fourteenth century through the twentieth. 380 illustrations show gates; railings; screens; lighting fixtures; bannisters; balconies; and much else. Includes examples from Italy; Spain; England; Germany; France; Belgium; Holland; America. Indispensable Sourcebook. Introduction.

Reprint. Originally published: New York : Scribner; 1929.

Architectural ironwork; Decoration and ornament; Architectural; Wrought-iron

Publisher Dover Publications. 1984. 202 pages

Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork Theodore Menten

S&H $5.00

Full range of Art Nouveau ironwork. 137 photographic illustrations of railings; gates; balconies; doorways; staircases; more.

Includes index.

Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Decoration and ornament - Art nouveau; Ironwork - History

Publisher Dover Publications. 1981. 128 pages

1001 Scrolls; Ornaments And Borders: Ready-To-Use Illustrations For Decoupage And Other Crafts (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) Eleanor Hasbrouck Rawlings; Dover Publications; Rawlings; Eleanor Hasbrouck

S&H $5.00

Over 1000 attractive and usable designs printed on one side of a page only include Baroque; Rococo; Victorian; more. Illustrations of corners; scrolls; cornucopia; chinoiserie; festoons; ribbons; much more. Designs are repeated with flopped copies so entire project can be completed. 60 plates.

Decoration and ornament - Themes; motives; Decoupage

Publisher Dover Publications. 1979. 128 pages

Blacksmithing For Beginners D. James Morre

S&H $5.00

Author's note: This book is the culmination of my personal efforts through reading and trial and error to duplicate the basic forging operations used by traditional blacksmiths including the period from 1717 to 1780... Topics include: Tools and Basic Equipment; Forging Operations; Forge Welding; Forging Tongs; Manufacture of Nails; Bolts and other Fasteners; Wood Handles for Tools; The Art of Backyard Blacksmithing; Making Tools for the Fire; Kitchen Utensils from Black Iron; Hinges and Pintles; Candle Stands; Decorative Iron Work; The History of Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing training and techniques; Decoration and ornament - Art nouveau; Ironwork - History

Publisher D.J. Morre. 1995. 177 pages

Treasury Of Flower Designs For Artists; Embroiderers And Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) Susan Gaber

S&H $5.00

Garden favorites rendered in black-and-white line illustrations will suggest numerous design and artistic uses to artists; designers; craftsmen; needleworkers. Amaryllis; anemone; begonia; cinquefoil; peony; snapdragon flow and weave; many forming borders and frames. All drawings copyright-free.

Decoration and ornament - Plant forms

Publisher Dover Publications. 1981. 80 pages