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Copper working

Copper Work: An Illustrated Text Book For Teachers And Students In The Manual Arts Augustus F. Rose

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Originally published in 1908. From the preface: In this book the subject of Copper Work; as it may be introduced into the public schools; is treated to the extent of specifying an equipment and suggesting some of the possibilities of a course. Not only will there be found an abundance of illustrative material on this subject; consisting of drawings and photographs of various objects executed by upper grammar and high school pupils; but also a detailed description of the processes necessary for the execution of many of the designs. It is not expected that the problems as given will be slavishly copied; but rather that they will make clear the methods and processes that may be applied in the working out of similar problems. It is hoped that this volume will be especially helpful to teachers in the Manual Arts who are trying to introduce Metal Work into the regular school course.

Copper working

Publisher Lindsay Publications. 1989. 123 pages