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Iron Spirits Nicholas Vrooman; Patrice Marvin; Wayne Gudmundson; Jane Gudmundson; Allen I. Olson; Vrooman; Nicholas Curchin; Marvin; Patrice Avon

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This book considers the heritage of the blacksmith-created iron grave crosses which originally were prevalent in the Black Sea area of southern Russia. Catholic immigrants brought the concept with them when they came to North Dakota during the early years of our history. The voices contained in this volume are the voices of those early immigrants and their descendants. More than that; they are voices to which all of us can relate. They speak of a deep and meaningful part of their owners' personal; community; ethnic and religious lives. They speak also to the spirit of North Dakota itself.

Blacksmiths; Cemeteries; Crosses; Folk art; Russian Germans

Publisher North Dakota Council on the. 1982. 116 pages