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Baltimore's Cast-Iron Buildings And Architectural Ironwork James D. Dilts; Catharine F. Black; Dilts; James D; Black; Catharine F

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The Baltimore region has had a long tradition in iron production; beginning with the colonial era; and continuing throughout the 1950s as Sparrows Point became the single largest steel complex in the world. This book provides the first integrated treatment of this facet of the Industrial Revolution in Baltimore. Prefabrication; mass production; standard components - all were employed in nineteenth-century Baltimore's cast iron architecture and ornament. As a documentation and celebration of Baltimore's cast-iron fronts; the book details for the first time how the material of a cast-iron building was derived; fabricated; and erected. Its directory explores the history of each of the remaining cast-iron fronts in Baltimore; while separate chapters are devoted to the Peabody Library and the Sun Iron Building. This heavily illustrated work also includes reprinted catalogs of the Hayward; Bartlett and Bartlett; Robbins companies from the 1850s and 1860s.

Architectural ironwork; Cast-iron fronts (Architecture)

Publisher Schiffer Publishing. 1991. 116 pages