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Blacksmith personal story

The Din Of A Smithy (The Craftsman Series) James Arthur Radford Stevenson

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Here is a book full of vitality; written by a man who has been happy enough to find his vocation in a field where he has few rivals. The tone of this book from beginning to end is happy. There is the happiness of the artist and of the young man who has done a thing well; and knows that he has done it well. He can also congratulate himself in these days of mass production on having demonstrated the virtues of a small unit. He writes of the struggle to keep blacksmithing an art and not allowing it to go the way of the Industrial Revolution. It is filled with recollections of various blacksmithing jobs he did; including a section on a traditional garden gate with tenons; hinges and a latch. Photocopied reprint by Yonna Valley Forge; Bonanza; OR

Blacksmith personal story; Blacksmithing projects

Publisher University Press. 1936. 112 pages