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Bedroom furniture

Italian Wrought Iron Beds And Bedroom Accessories (Il Letto E Dintorni) Ciscato; Giuseppe

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Acclaim for ' Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories': "A collection like no other. It will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith. This volume brings to light furnishing objects produced with perfect techniques and refined and elegant designs; which leads us to think that the art of wrought iron is even more alive than before." - The Anvil's Ring. "A wonderful source of ideas for designer; decorator and smith.It was very difficult to select the images for this review. All the work is beautiful and it is impossible to decide what is best". - AnvilFire Assembled by Giuseppe Ciscato; known to Mediterranean artisans as "the chronicler of Italian masters of wrought iron;" this is a detailed and passionate survey dedicated to the theme of wrought iron beds and bedroom furnishings. Not content to offer a panoramic overview of handcrafted Italian wrought iron beds; Ciscato has a compiled a veritable treasure-trove of hundreds of photos of functional and beautiful bedroom accessories. From the simple and elegant to the fabulously ornate; these items are featured in no other book -- not even the author's comprehensive; highly esteemed 'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron (I Maestri Italiani del Ferro battuto)'! A stunning array of lamps; chairs; mirrors; bedstands; footstools; coat racks; and curtain rods adorn these pages; as well as adventurous and highly skilled forays into sometimes quite colorful metal sculpture. Undoubtedly they will serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith.

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Publisher Alinea Editrice. 2000. 229 pages