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Art metal

Schmiede- Und Schlosserarbeiten: Auswahlbd. Hans Scheel

S&H $5.00

Cover to cover black and white photos of German ironwork. All text in German. The ironwork looks like it is mostly from the 1970s. There is a large section in the back of the book dealing with the laying out of stair railing; but the text is all in German.

Architectural ironwork; Art metal-work; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational

Publisher Hoffmann. 1977. 152 pages

Chicago Metalsmiths Sharon S. Darling; Farr; Gail E

S&H $5.00

In exploring the history of Chicago it is relatively easy to notice certain aspects of the city's development. Its architectural heritage still punctuates the skyline; its tradition of city planning reveals itself along the lakefront and in its park system; the diversity of its population declares itself on almost every street; and its institutions are well memorialized by buildings and other monuments. But other important threads in the fabric of Chicago's past are less easily found or noticed. A good example is the subject of this book; Chicago Metalsmiths; which grew directly out of the research interests of Sharon Darling; the Chicago Historical Society's curator of decorative arts. She first became interested in the metalsmiths through examples of their work in our collections and before long undertook this major study of a neglected area of Chicago history. This publication and the exhibition which it accompanies are the result of that research. In addition to offering previously unavailable information; this study approaches the decorative arts from the perspective of the historian who must look beyond the aesthetic qualities of artifacts to their cultural significance. In working with the objects displayed in this exhibition Ms. Darling has sought to understand how they reflect the fundamental attitudes and values both of their makers and their users. The originality of design and the quality of craftsmanship that distinguish many of these objects are testimony to the artistic talent and skill of their makers.

Includes index.

Art metal-work - History; Art metal-workers

Publisher Chicago Historical Society. 1977. 158 pages

Metalwork For Craftsmen Emil F. Kronquist

S&H $5.00

Illustrations and detailed instructions for 55 projects: coasters; candlesticks; water pitchers; platters; silent butler; reading lamp; many more. Work with pewter; copper; silver; brass; and aluminum. Information on tools and processes; and over 60 other plates.

1942 ed. published under title: Art metalwork.

Art metal-work; Blacksmithing projects; Blacksmithing training and techniques

Publisher Dover Publications. 1972. 202 pages

Metalwork And Enamelling Herbert Maryon

S&H $5.00

All those concerned with goldsmithing; silversmithing; rare metal objects or metal scientific instruments; or their repair or restoration; will be delighted to find this bible of their craft available again in a new edition. Over 360 figures and photographs amplify the discussion of tools; materials and construction. Tables and standards useful to the craftsman (melting points and weights of metals; for example) are included. Notes to the photographic plates describe the objects in detail - magnificent examples of craftsmanship throughout the ages.

Art metal-work; Enamel and enameling; Goldwork; Silverwork

Publisher Dover Publications. 1971. 335 pages

Basics Of Style For The Artist-Blacksmith Max Metzger

S&H $5.00

This is a book that presents the basics of style particularly adapted for the artist-blacksmith. From the author: "This teaching of style should be easy to understand; and is presented without any material not relevant to the smith. It would be considered a success if it enabled the young smith to identify the period of a style with confidence; to copy an object with the particular characteristics of a style; and to know the conditions and requirements of a stylistically correct design." Translated from German with many illustrations.

Architectural ironwork; Art metal-work; Blacksmithing - pictorial/inspirational; Blacksmithing training and techniques; Design; Repousse; chasing; chiseling metal work

Publisher Robert Ruhloff. 2002. 144 pages

Color On Metal: 50 Artists Share Insights And Techniques Tim McCreight; Nicole Bsullak

S&H $5.00

Color on Metal presents the work and words of metal artists in love with color. In the past several years; jewelry and decorative metal objects have become emancipated from the traditional reliance on silver and gold. Not only are copper and brass now fair game for serious designers; but the beautiful rich colors of enamels and patinas; as well as recent technologies like electroplating and anodizing; have become increasingly popular.

An introductory chapter explains the different ways that metal can be colored. Four sections of striking full-color images illustrate the rich diversity of color as it is seen in contemporary work: patinas; enamels; applied color and avant-garde. For each of 50 pieces; the artists describe their personal approaches to color and process; offering insight into the creative mind.

* Stunning examples of work by top jewelers and metal artists
* Explains the techniques used; with text that is enlightening but not overly technical
* A must-have volume for artists and collectors

Includes index.

Art metal-work - History - Catalogs; Art metal-work - Technique; Polychromy - Catalogs

Publisher Guild Publishing. 2001. 126 pages